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Elopement in Ilse of Skye - Jane + Matthew

Location:  House of Juniper, the ruin of a castle by the sea, a solemn mountain road and the Quiraing - all on an Elopement Workshop on Isle of Skye.

A typical Scottish day in dreary March makes for a conundrum of weather styles. Jane and Matthew got ready in their room in House of Juniper near Broadford, after which we headed out for their hand fasting ceremony by the ocean, led by humanist celebrant Rona. Rain started pouring down while they exchanged their vows, but it just added to the typical Scottish atmosphere amidst the ruins of the ancient castle. And what amazing views over the ocean!

We stopped for a windy break on a small road with snowy mountain peaks in the background, before heading to the breathtaking landscape of Quiraing for some final rays of sun and a very original cake eating contest.

Best day ever!


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