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Here's to meeting strangers: I met Italian lovers Elia & Diego at the plane crash site in Iceland. This was the second time I visited the crashed plane, so I knew what a hauntingly beautiful place it is - despite it being quite crowded most of the times.
So when I looked around amidst the tourists and spotted these handsome guys, I decided to work up the courage and brazenly asked them if I could photograph them. They shed their brightly colored outdoor jackets and transformed into real Italian supermodels!
It was such a wonderful collaboration between strangers (them and me I mean, not that Elia and Diego are strangers, they are real lovers thank god ;)), who quickly decided to trust each other (and ignore the crowds swarming them) to create magic together. Dear Diego and Elia, I can not thank you enough!

I wanted to show this here as an example of what an elopement photography experience in Iceland can look like.


Tumbleweed & Fireflies Photography - Elia & Diego Iceland-12.jpg

Loveshoot in Iceland
Elopement photography

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