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Hey there adventurers!

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hello people from all over the world! 

An elopement is an intentionally small, intimate, meaningful, authentic wedding day that’s a true reflection of who THE TWO OF YOU are, and a celebration of your love in which you do the things you've ALWAYS dreamed of.

This doesn't mean there won't be any guests, the great thing is that's all up to you! So an elopement can differ from being just the two of you (+ a wedding officiant for the official part + me as your photographer), to having a small selection of your most favorite people in the world there, usually up to max 25 guests.


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So what is this thing we call an elopement?

The best thing about eloping is that there are no rules (freeedom!) and you can create an intentionally intimate wedding day that truly reflects who you are.

It can look like just the two of you rowing to a deserted island in a lake and saying your vows there in the privacy of just the two of you, or inviting your immediate family to hear your vows on top of a cliff above the ocean in Scotland, or bringing your 20 closest friends to take a cable car up a mountain in Switzerland with you to celebrate you getting married.

Anything is possible!

Or, if you want to stay closer to home (wherever that may be), your wedding day can look like going up to a beautifully designed cabin by the sea or in the forest, relax together, going for a hot air balloon ride in the afternoon - where you will say your vows when you land amidst your favourite people, having your favourite food made just for you and your closest friends who will celebrate with you, dancing around the campfire on the beach.

More the city type? Why not head up to your favorite city, just the two of you, and book that dreamy hotel and wake up with breakfast in bed. Then stroll to that quirky book shop, go on a boat trip through the canals, play love songs to each other in that vintage record store or visit that amazing museum.

Say your vows in the privacy of that roof top bar, or have a quick stop at the city hall to have your marriage officiated. End up gazing at the city lights before you snuggle up to each other. Sweet dreams!

Whatever you've always dreamed of, or haven't dared dream of, is possible!

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Wendy & Eelco

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A little bit about the person you might spend the most memorable day of your life with:


Hey, I'm Eva and I'm incredibly excited about creating a magical memories together! 

I've always been a dreamer, introvert, with a wild imagination but also the occasional courage to make dreams come true (like being a photographer and traveling the world).

I'm easygoing, more of a listener than a talker, but always curious about other people and this world we live in.

I love reading books, discovering new countries, pottering about in my garden, cooking good food and having picnics in beautiful places.

I was born in 1981, I live in the Netherlands and have 2 (mostly) adorable kids and also a (mostly) adorable husband.

Elopement itinerary example

Just to give you an idea, I have drawn up an example of a possible elopement day.
Hopefully this will get you excited about ALL the possibilities...Once you're convinced an elopement might be just the right thing for you, I'd be really happy for us to get in touch to get to know eachother and talk about what your perfect elopement day should look like! Getting to know eachother is very important, since I'll be there to capture your whole day (don't worry, I won't be in your face and I'll give you lots of privacy! ;)). It's also important so that I can help you dream up a kick ass planning for the day, especially made for you and for the things that really suit you as a couple.

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Let's create together!


Elopement photography

- a video call or a visit at my daylight studio near Den Bosch to get to know each other


- help with dreaming up your elopement itinerary

- an adventurous day in good company


- all professionally edited photos, at least 50 an hour, in an online gallery


- a surprise album (wood, velvet) of 20 x 20 cm with 12 spreads (upgrade possible)

- a tree planted in your name at the end of the year


starting from 2 hours

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investment elopement
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